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AK BattleField 4 PS3 group

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AK BattleField 4 PS3 group

PostPosted by ArarielFett » Thu Dec 19, 2013 12:07 am


After speaking with Nasty, we decided to create a PS3 group for the clan. While most of AK is probably getting a PS4, that leaves the other members who don't plan on getting one in a tough spot. We don't have any idea if there will be anyone aside from myself who doesn't intend to get a next gen console, but regardless of this, the PS3 portion of the clan will still be added and maintained by me.

If you're going to stay with the PS3, please post your PSN below and I will update the PS3 PSN list.

PS3 BF4 AK Members
(left will be the user's forum name, right will be their PSN)

ArarielFett - ArarielFett

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Re: AK BattleField 4 PS3 group

PostPosted by NastyNative » Thu Dec 19, 2013 7:48 pm

Hey Arariel,

I went ahead and created a Thread for welcoming the PS3 Division members.
Go ahead and post an intro example and I will message our admin to give you
mod right to the thread.
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